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Baby Developmental Toys

That nonchalant phrase 'child's play' isn't quite what we think it is, say baby development specialists. Whether it's a toddler with his ball or a baby shaking her rattle, there's a lot going on when a child reaches for a toy in terms of physical skill development and understanding how the world works.

  • 14 Jul 2017

Choosing A Name For Your Baby

Selecting the right name for your baby can be fun, exciting and also overwhelming! With over thousands of names to choose from, how do you select the perfect name for your baby? Here are some things to consider.

Be open to ideas: Friends and family members will inundate you with baby name ideas.

  • 4 Jul 2017
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3 Jul 2017
Posted By Janet D.

A Short Guide To Buying A Baby Walker

A baby walker is among the many things that new parents often buy for their little one. Read on for more information about baby walkers to help you decide whether you should buy one for your baby. What is a baby walker? A baby walker is a frame-like plastic structure on wheels with a suspended fabric seat that helps babies move from one place to another. Baby walkers can be used for babies between four and 16 months old and can be lots of fun for your little one.
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